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Using Content to Improve Your Web Results

July 07, 2014

The most effective step you can take to improve your website both in terms of converting visitors to clients and improving search engine optimization is to add well-written original content. That will build your credibility with visitors and increase your ranking in Google. (It’s not so clear what it will do with other search engines, but they are all secondary to Google.)

By way of example, once I understood the significance of this rule, we began adding a significant amount of content to our firm website at www.margolis.com, largely by posting short blog articles every week. In July 2012, we had 819 visitors to our site who found us through search engines. In June 2014, we had 2,947 similar visitors, a 275 percent increase over two years. If you search “Boston elder law attorney” in Google, we come up first among free listings. We don’t do as well with other search terms or on other search engines, which means that we still have room for improvement.

Fortunately for us (and for you if you choose to adopt this strategy), Google still commands more than two-thirds of search traffic. According to an article on searchenginewatch.com, here’s how the search engine market shares ranked at the end of 2013:

  • Google                   67.3%
  • Bing                       18.2%
  • Yahoo                   10.8%
  • Ask                           2.5%
  • AOL                          1.3%

So, here’s the two-step process you can use to raise your “organic” listing on Google. First, make sure your website is on a platform where it’s easy for you to add content. Second, add at least one post of original, well-written, high value content each week. This can be a blog post, a video, a short webinar, an article or a longer legal guide. Blog posts are the easiest to post, but a variety will help you reach more visitors, since different people respond to different approaches.

At a Hubspot conference I attended a couple of years ago, one of the speakers told us that he saw a significant increase in his traffic after he had posted 50 blog articles. Perhaps that’s what it takes for Google to notice. So, the sooner you can get to that mark, the better. However, don’t stop once you arrive at 50 articles. Google seems to value fresh content. Also, the more content you have on your site, the better. That article you wrote two years ago is still on your site bringing in visitors.

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