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The 10X Elder Law Practice Plan

January 01, 2017

aaron_fletcherAaron Fletcher, author of the best selling book, Stand Out, gives us the fourth and final video in the Elder Law Online Marketing Blueprint series, The 10X Elder Law Practice Plan. In this video, Fletcher reveals the 7 simple steps you have to have in place in order to manage the on-boarding of clients, the structure, the strategy and how your using education based marketing to get 10 times more for your firm. At the end of this video, you should be asking yourself, “What should I be doing right now to grow my practice?” With so much information out there, you may have different pieces of the marketing puzzle to put together, but with Fletcher’s advice, you’ll be able to piece everything together.

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  1. Roseann Murray March 4, 2016 9:48 pm

    Very informative and enlightening


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