• Marketing tips for your elder law firm

    From the leaders in web-based, practice development ElderLawAnswers

ElderLawAnswers exists because of two facts of practicing law as a solo or in a small firm.

First, the law practice is a juggling act. You need to bring in business, hire and supervise employees, stay up-to-date on the law, get paid for your work, and, ultimately, provide high-quality representation to  your clients. There are simply not enough hours in day, week or month to carry out all of these endeavors at the level you aim to meet, especially if you want to spend time away from the office doing all of the other things you value in life. ElderLawAnswers is here to help elder law practitioners bring in business and stay up-to-date on the law.

Second, your best new clients come from existing clients and referral sources. Our client e-newsletter is the best way to stay top-of-mind with these individuals who already know your legal work, but who may not think of you in our busy, short-attention-span age, unless reminded.

The Small Firm Marketing Center will bring you news about the best practices and innovations in marketing your small firm or solo practice. Let us know what you would like to learn about, and we will do the research. Just click here.