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7 Simple Principles of SEO

February 06, 2015


I’m not a search engine optimization expert, but here’s my take on it, at least for law firms. I’d be curious to hear from experts or others who disagree or who can add to these SEO principles:


  1. It’s all about Google.
  2. Google is doing its best to provide quality answers to users’ requests for information.
  3. Google has more resources and is smarter than any SEO consultant you will ever hire, so whatever you do today to “game” the system won’t work tomorrow.
  4. As a result, the best SEO strategy is to provide valuable, informative, interesting content on your site. ElderLawAnswers.com, for example, gets about 100,000 unique visitors a month totally based on its content.
  5. Along with that, you need to make your content easily accessible and it can’t hurt to look at what people are searching to choose what content to provide.
  6. More important than SEO, or at least what you should focus on first, is making people who do come to your site want to hire you.
  7. Find ways to get prospects to keep coming back to your site through e-letters, guides, blog posts, etc. Again, this should probably precede working on SEO since you will be better off cultivating the people who already know about you than starting from scratch with brand new prospects and referral sources.

So, before hiring an SEO consultant, hire designers and writers to create a terrific website and keep adding valuable information to it. Doing this will improve your search engine results automatically. If you still have time, energy and money after this, then start working on SEO directly.

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